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About me
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Watch out world, Here I come!

So for Christmas Mimi and Popo got Madi this cute little horse on wheels.
Yesterday Madi went and pushed it out of the corner. And then she looked
at me like Mommy put me on the horse, Im ready to ride! So I started pushing
 her around the couch and in the dining area. But after a couple laps my knees
 were burning! So I decided to give the horsey a harness, lol. I tied a rope
around the horses neck and pulled Madi all around the house. She enjoyed
 it sooo much that you could not get her to let go of the handle bars. So daddy
and I decided to take turns, 3 laps each. Well Corey be the character he is was
 making her laugh. He would go OOOOO Madi, wooo hooo Baby. And this
blog pic is the end result. She was sooo cute. She would drive by me going
OOOO wooo, copying her daddy. Soo cute!! I love this CHILD!!!  Thanks Mimi and Popo!

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